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Let’s face it: Photoshop has a new feature called ‘Photoshop Brushes’. Here they give you the basic shapes, colours and highlights in Photoshop for you for just about any project on Photoshop.

But what if your computer doesn’t have Photoshop yet? You can build an interactive version with your own files you’ve already shared with the software manufacturer.

This will let you easily export your images to your own hard drive as a whole, from one folder in the computer.

Here’s a quick video of the whole process:

Let’s see how you can build a new digital photo editing online [] using Photoshop Brushes here:

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Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Many of the refugees on board arrived on Monday

Twenty-one European countries have agreed to accept more migrants into the EU, Prime Minister Philip Hammond has said.

Some of the most recent arrivals are at Calais and Samaria.

It comes after a week of protests against the flow of refugees and migrants on the Mediterranean Sea.

“My hope is that it will lead, more quickly, to more, more, more migrants” arriving in Greece, Mr Hammond told a news conference in Luxembourg.

He said he expected the UK to join the effort to secure a free and permanent residence for more of those fleeing war and poverty in Europe.

Europe must join EU migrants quota in case of crisis

He also said it was imperative that “all EU countries commit to the principle of ‘no more, no less’, at all costs”.

The prime minister was responding to concerns that some EU countries had not yet agreed to take the extra people into the country on Friday.

At least 100,000 people – some of them fleeing war, poverty and persecution in other parts of the world – have been living in and around Samaria this year, the BBC’s Richard Beardsley in Brussels reports.

They included some children, and the number could rise as the refugee crisis grows worse.

Image copyright AFP Image caption Two of the UK’s most recent migrants – including those from Syria, Iraq, Eritrea and Pakistan – have arrived from Algeria, Libya and Sudan

Image copyright AFP Image caption Many of the refugees came from Libya and Sudan

Image copyright AFP Image caption Many have arrived from Syria and Iraq

The government has